Introducing Map taxonomy chart with Jawg Maps

Introducing Map taxonomy chart with Jawg Maps

Sometimes, we want to see our map style outside the map context. That's why we created the map taxonomy chart project.

Jawg taxonomy aims to view almost all your style elements in one page. This is completely compatible with our maps styles created with the jawg lab. The result is viewable on websites and printable (pdf or paper).

What is a map taxonomy chart ?

With a map taxonomy chart you will be able to compare your map elements by section (all roads, all administratives boundaries, all places labels etc). This will help you see all the elements of the same section relative to each other. You will be able to see how your city names will be render according to their importance for example (a capital like Paris versus a city like Cardiff).

It is also a great way to share the elements of your map to everyone and without connection thanks to the PDF export.

Here is an example of our jawg-sunny style integrated directly into the blog :

How to use map taxonomy chart ?

With maps powered by Jawg, it very simple !

  • You need a jawg account (create your account here).
  • Go to your style manager
  • Create your own style or use one of jawg default styles.
  • Click on the </>Use button.
  • Click on Mapbox GL.
  • Copy your style url
  • Paste the url in our dedicated site or use this link<style-url>.

We hope to have a special button for this soon.

For a website integration or create your own map taxonomy chart see our taxonomy documentation.

How to contribute

There are differente ways on how to get involved with map taxonomy chart.

Our code is fully open-source and shared on
In case you have face any unexpected results after using map taxonomy chart, you can open a new issue here : Please make sure that someone else has not filed the same issue as you in the past.

You can also contribute by creating new pull requests here :