Our maps get a brand new look with the latest Jawg Lab release. New icon sets are available to enhance your maps to be more and more customizable.

Icons and maps

Icons are deeply linked to the maps we use every day. Universal symbols, they do not suffer from the language barrier and allow to be understood by all. Icons make reading maps easier and intuitive.

They are also a great way to add information to your maps in a more creative fashion.
Concerned and aware of these matters, find on our Jawg Lab, three new complete and customized icon sets!

Take the control of your icons !

We have always wanted to offer a map with a neutral identity that adapts to different usecases. Each business and customer has its own priorities and needs. When you add some custom POIs on you maps, it would be better to have a neutral map.

The most important thing for you is an aesthetic map with discreet POIs ? Or do you want to highlight base map POIs on your map ?

Find now on the Jawg Lab, our icons sets for your maps: public services, public transports, parks, schools... and of course transport networks in some cities !

You can select one of our four customized icon sets

  • maki-dark: discreet icons for neutral maps with a light theme (right side)
  • maki-light: discreet icons for neutral maps with a dark theme (bottom)
  • maki-colorful: discreet colored icons for all maps (left side)
  • maki-circle: aesthetic icons for beautiful maps (top)

We did a color classification in maki-colorful and maki-circle based on the type of the POI. For example all icons about health (hospitals, pharmacies...) will be in red
Here is the full classification of our icons:

  • Blue for transport
  • Brown for mountains
  • Green for nature
  • Grey for services
  • Red for health
  • Yellow for education

See you soon on the lab.